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Welcome to my love of fuchsias website!

I've started this website because I wanted to share with others, information about these wonderful, delightful, flowers that bring joy to all. Whether you're a grandmother like me who has grandchildren who love to get a small posy of these eye catching flowers, or someone who genuinely is intrigued and in awe of these flowers that have so many variants, yet so much personality.

It's hard to think a plant can have personality - they reward you when you are looking after them well, they remind you when you've made a mistake, and yet incredibly forgiving when something hasn't gone quite right.

I want to share as much information as I can gather, share the knowledge of those many people who have setup websites and paved the way, and use my skills I've accumulated over the last 10 years of building website and working in social media and for once, just throw it all into something I love.. my fuchsias.. 

Please enjoy this site as much as I have. It's work in progress.